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Balanced Core Assy with Gasket Kit C 0197

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For :53039700078, 53039700089, 53039700090, 53039700115, 53039700066, 53039700067, 53039700114, 53039700167, 53039700116, 53039700102, 10009700020P, 10009700181P, 53039700510,

EN - Balanced and assembled Core Assy. Balanced with TURBO ARMEC balancing machine.Each core assy is accompanied by its own balancing certificate.

ES - Cartuchos ensamblados y equilibrados (CHRA). Equilibrado con equilibradoras TURBO ARMEC.

FR - Cartouche ensembles tournants complets et équilibres (CHRA). Équilibrée avec une machine d''équilibrage TURBO ARMEC.

PT - CHRA/CORE completamente equilibrados. Equilibrado com máquina de ARMEC.

DE - Komplett ausgewogene Rumpfgruppen. Auswuchten mit TURBO ARMEC.
C 0197

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